Kings Heath – a digital neighbourhood is a digital platform for engaging residents in their place, creating a space where people can engage and connect with the whole neighbourhood and its community.

Using YourPlaceYourSpace technology, KingsHeathWeAre is building a digitally connected neighbourhood. More details HERE.

Where is Kings Heath?

Kings Heath is a neighbourhood of Birmingham located approximately 4 miles from the city centre. As a ward together with Brandwood, it has a population close to 20,000.

History of Kings Heath

Ever since the 18th century, Kings Heath has been referred to as a “village”. Through the years Kings Heath has developed into one of Birmingham’s most cosmopolitan of neighbourhoods. On the border of Kings Heath and its neighbour Moseley is the former home of Joseph Chamberlain, Grade II* listed Highbury Hall, built in 1879. Also close by is Sarehole Mill built in 1771 with the original mill dating back to 1542.

Mapped places of interest – view MAP or FEATURES.

Here's just a selection of places to visit and enjoy.

Kings Heath Park – view more HERE.

Kings Heath Park

Highbury Hall and Park – view more HERE.

Highbury Hall and Park

Sarehole Mill – view more HERE.

Sarehole Mill

Cocks Moor Leisure Centre and Golf Course – view more HERE.

Cocks Moor Leisure Centre and Golf Course

Lifford Reservoir – more HERE.

Lifford Reservoir

Enjoy our neighbourhood!

Your Place Your Space

This platform, created and managed by Your Place Your Space, is a shared digital space that, together with community, will grow as a place where people can follow what’s happening, share their memories and together influence the future.

Birmingham is renowned for its creativity and its creatives and this digital space is where we invite people to showcase their passions and play their part in the future of their neighbourhood and their city.

Connect with us

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us more about your neighbourhood and tell us what you’d like to see going forward. Share your passions for your place with us.

Let's connect and show you what we can do together

However you want to engage and connect with Kings Heath and its community to drive social and economic impact, let’s meet and discuss how together we can create and grow a digital space to support your vision for your organisation.

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Alternatively contact:

Jonathan Bostock
0121 4105520

Community with shared values

Kings Heath We Are is all about engaging local people and connecting community with business for increased social and economic impact.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you.

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Alternatively contact:

Debra Power
0121 4105520

Kings Heath We Are – Placemaking with community

Kings Heath We Are is brought to you by YourPlaceYourSpace, in a partnership that connects community with the vision of Kings Heath, the history of Kings Heath and all the developments taking place in the area.

We’d love to hear from you and have you involved in our exciting vision for this fascinating part of Birmingham.


Explore the world with us!

YourPlaceYourSpace is a provider of branded digital spaces for people with a shared passion for their place.

This place can be a city, a town, a neighbourhood or a building, park or any other shared passion.

YourPlaceYourSpace gives people access to all the engagement tools they need to work collaboratively and make a positive difference in their community, both socially and economically.

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Birmingham We Are
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Partners and Sponsors

The large scale engagement of community to promote and showcase Birmingham and its neighbourhoods is only possible with financial help.

With donations and support from YourPlaceYourSpace, the platform is up and running, contributors engaged and we are showcasing a number of trails across Birmingham.

Over 20 Passions in a searchable platform

We now need your help!

We are calling out to Birmingham based companies to support this venture and align their business and brand with something that benefits the city and its community in so many ways, socially and economically.

A range of partnership, sponsorship and advertising opportunities exist so we can help businesses deliver their social value and CSR commitments. Connect with us HERE


Jonathan Bostock
0121 4105520


The Birmingham Trails venture is all about engaging local people in the future of their place, whether they consider that to be their city or their neighbourhood.

We ensure local people have a major involvement and influence over the future of Birmingham and we ensure the city’s diverse community is well represented and actively engaged and involved in the promotion and success of Birmingham.

Over 20 Passions in a searchable platform

Birmingham Trails will grow to be a massive showcase, not just of Birmingham but of the people of Birmingham. More and more young people and their families will be engaged in promoting their communities and their neighbourhoods through features, activity trails, galleries and events, all showcased at Birmingham Trails.

Get behind your city and your community and connect with us HERE

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Debra Power
0121 4105520

Birmingham Trails – A YourPlaceYourSpace platform

Birmingham Trails is brought to you by YourPlaceYourSpace which has a large and growing online following across many social media channels.

Here are links to some of our Birmingham social media accounts.

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